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This pack features an ultra-gentle range of products designed to strengthen barrier function and support a healthy skin microbiome. The products contain pre-and probiotics, are pH balanced and contain no harsh preservatives or synthetic chemical ingredients.


While all five products play a valuable role in the rewilding process, Esse’s Protect Oil and Resurrect Serum are game-changers.


Here’s why: As the name suggests, Protect Oil forms a protective layer on skin, reducing the damage done by external aggressors such as UV rays and free radicals.
It also improves blood flow, ensuring the delivery of enough oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, while removing waste products more effectively. Healthier skin cells form a more effective barrier, reducing triggers to the immune system and keeping inflammation under control.


Resurrect Serum hydrates and plumps the skin, addressing signs of ageing without initiating an immune response. This incredible serum has been shown to reduce wrinkle depth by an average of 13% over 28 days*.


So why should you be rewilding your skin?

For those looking to accept Esse’s  30 day rewild challenge – whether privately or to inspire others by sharing on social media – here’s a look at a few rewilding benefits:

• It simplifies your daily routine: This challenge encourages you to avoid deep cleanses where possible, using a mild cleanser only to remove make-up. It’s better to value the work that your skin does to produce its natural, protective oils. Leaving skin’s lipid barrier intact also helps to support healthy microbes.

• It addresses the needs of sensitive skin: Re-establishing the microbial balance is key in resolving skin concerns. Esse uses green chemistry to provide products that consider troubled or sensitive skin.

• It leads to healthier skin: Rewilding results in a healthier and more functional microbiome. This provides better protection against pollutants, improved skin elasticity and a reduction in redness.


What’s the Esse Sensitive Skin 30 day rewild Pack? 

 Sensitive Cleanser – Ultra-gentle foaming agents and probiotic extracts make this the perfect cleanser for sensitive skin.

Sensitive Toner – This toner contains probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients to support a state of equilibrium in the skin’s microbiome.

Nourish Moisturiser – This intensely calming moisturiser combines probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients to boost barrier function for sensitive skin.

Protect Oil – Ximenia Oil shields sensitive skin, offering it all round protection from environmental stressors.

 Resurrect Serum – a hydrating and plumping serum that addresses the signs of ageing without overstimulating.

Rewild Your Skin Challenge Kit (Starter Set)

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