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Meet Your Skin Care Therapist

After receiving my diploma in "Esthetics" from Mirage Spa Education in June 2022, I decided to fill a void in the esthetics industry by creating a virtual program dedicated to helping individuals create the perfect skin care routine for their skin type and conditions.


As we know, home care is crucial for the health of our skin. I like using the analogy of dental care. We all know its important to visit the dentist for our routine cleanings and treatments but we still need to upkeep our brushing and flossing to keep good health. Well same goes for skin. Once we leave that treatment room, how we take care of our skin at home plays an important role in the overall well-being of our skin barrier. With Covid shutting down businesses, I wanted to create a way to provide esthetic services to clients virtually. My goal is to give you the tools needed to feel confident and happy with your skin, whether it be corrective or preventative care.

 Located in Barrie Ontario, I spend my time keeping up to date with the latest breakthroughs in the skin care industry and spending quality time with my husband and three children.

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